Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bamboo Hut Posters

About a week and a half ago I got a call to create 3 posters for the Bamboo Hut, a polynesian restaurant in Provo. These are the initial images all created in Adobe Illustrator. I'd like to thank my son Kevin for his help. It's always fun to work with him and his brother Joshua. The art director on this project wants to tweak them a bit. I will be posting the final art soon.


The Wies Family said...

Yum! I love the Bamboo Hut! Do you get free food for creating artwork for them? If so, I want in on the deal. Anyway, they look great! I love your use of colors.

Jacob Keele said...

Those are tizzight pops! great work! also, I like the new header!!!!

Kevin Keele said...

I love the way these turned out. Nice work.