Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Qi Robot

I had an idea, a story board, and a sketch. I got most of the modeling done on this character when the project got canceled. I finished the character anyway. Here he is in all his robotness glory.

One funny thing about him is the reaction of some of the people I work with when they see him. One person said he looked like one of the robots from the movie "Robots". Hmmm! OK. Another said his mouth reminded him of Rustboy. I pointed out to him that Rustboy doesn't even have a mouth. My opinion is that this guy is so bizzar that they are not sure weather they like him. But they want to make some kind of intelligent comment about him. I think he turned out pretty cool and he would have been great in the short he was to star in. Oh well, next month I'll probably get the green light on him.

"Qi Eater Robot" is copywrited by Neways International

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dragon Sketch

I was inspired by an amazing illustrator Kevin Wasden who said I needed to put up some sketch book images. So here is one from my recient book.